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We give the Fraser Fir trees on our farm, Cornett Deal Christmas Tree Farm, plenty of special attention and care and once you visit our North Carolina Christmas Tree Farm just outside of Boone NC, you will want to take special care to ensure that you are Keeping Your Christmas Tree Fresh once you are home. It is important to Keep Christmas Trees Fresh once they have arrived in your home, as it will enhance the tree's qualities giving it beautiful green and easy bending needles, that special "Christmas" smell that so many love, and will ensure that your Living Christmas Tree is not a fire hazard. It is a myth that a Live Fraser Fir is more of a fire hazard than some cheaply made artificial trees, and if you take the proper steps in Keeping your Christmas Tree Fresh then it is actually no less of a threat than any other object in your home. Read on to find out more about Living Christmas Tree Care and to read about a special study that was carried out by the Michigan Christmas Tree Association in conjunction with Farmington Hills Fire Dept, a fire department located inside of urban Detroit.

Tree CareWhen a Live Fraser Fir Tree is cut, it is probably at its healthiest and freshest, and more than half of its weight is water; it is not hard to Keep Christmas Trees Fresh, just like they were when they were cut, if you follow a few instructions while you are enjoying your Fraser Fir Tree. When your Living Christmas Tree is cut, it will be cut keeping the trunk's bottom smooth and flat. We often remove a 1/2 inch thick disk of wood from the base of the trunk to enable the tree to sit properly in water once you get the Live Fraser Fir home. It is not helpful to cut the trunk at an angle or into a V-shape, like some wrongly believe. Cutting the tree in these odd ways actually reduces the amount of water that the tree can drink, and it is of the utmost importance to the tree's life that it gets all the water it needs. Once you are home you will want to get the Live Christmas Tree in water as soon as possible, but most do well for a few hours afterwards without being in water. Make sure that the tree's base where it has been freshly cut does not get dirty or bruised. If you cannot put your Fraser Fir Tree in water the day it is cut, simply put the tree's base in a bucket of water and keep it stored in a cool location.

To display the Living Christmas Tree in your home you will want to use a proper Christmas Tree Stand that has an adequate water reservoir for the tree. As a rule, Christmas Tree Stands should provide approximately 1 quart of water per inch of stem diameter (how large the trunk is around). You also will want to find a Christmas Tree Stand that fits your tree and its trunk diameter. You do not want to whittle a trunk down to fit into the stand as the outer layers of wood on a Living Christmas Tree are the most efficient in taking in water to maintain the tree's life. Conversely, you do not want to pick a Christmas Tree Stand that is too large for a smaller Living Christmas Tree, as it will not be stable in keeping the tree upright. Once you have secured the tree in the tree stand you will want to fill up the reservoir with water. The temperature of the water used to fill the stand is matter and it does not affect the tree's ability to take it in. Check the stand each day to make sure that the level of water never goes below the base of the tree. Sometimes it is possible for there to be water in the tree stand, but the tree's trunk is not exactly submerged, make sure that the trunk is always submerged a bit in the water. It does not help to drill a hole into the base of the trunk to get better watering as some wrongly believe.

Tree CareClick here to get important Living Christmas Tree fire safety tips. Most wrongly assume that Living Christmas Trees are fire hazards in the home during the holiday season; in following a few easy tips and ensuring that you are Keeping Your Christmas Tree Fresh, you can greatly reduce any potential threat for fires. In addition to Safety Tips, we have also included some information on Real Living Christmas Trees VS. Artificial Trees, what makes Fraser Firs so special and tons of helpful information to aid you when you visit our area. The NC High Country has a fantastic climate for growing Fraser Firs and we are happy to be a family oriented Boone North Carolina Choose n Cut Christmas Tree Farm. We have a large selection of Fraser Firs, including a large number of smaller trees 4-6 ft tall, a limited number of average 6-8 ft trees, an abundance of 9-11 ft trees and a few 12 ft trees available. In addition to our Fraser Firs, we also sell Fraser Fir decorated and undecorated North Carolina High Country Christmas Wreaths. We can also ship these, but orders must be placed by the designated shipping order cut-off date. Visit our family NC Christmas Tree Farm and pick your tree, enjoy a hayride and sip hot cider while you enjoy the time together with friends and family.

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