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Anyone purchasing a lovely Fraser Fir Tree from our Boone NC Christmas Tree Farm should keep in mind a few important considerations in Christmas Tree Safety. A Living Christmas Tree that has been kept well and watered daily will maintain its freshness and not pose a threat in regards to a fire in the home, however a tree that has been left un-watered will dry out and could potentially cause a fire if left near a heat source or open flame. With that being said, no Christmas Tree starts a fire, people make mistakes and people start fires! These are a few safety guidelines that we would like for you to keep in mind after you bring your Live Fraser Fir home to enjoy and we have included some information on a special safety study carried out by the Michigan Christmas Tree Association in conjunction with a fire department in urban Detroit.

Tree SafetyUsually most fires that start in homes are caused by some sort of faulty wiring or easy mistake that could have been avoided. When you bring a Live Fraser Fir into your home, you will want to check all electric lights and connections that you want to eventually put on it well before you start decorating. When inspecting cord lights, make sure that all of the cords are not frayed, worn or chewed by an animal. Also, take special care when considering lighted decorations to make sure that your electrical outlets around the tree are not being overloaded. Use a proper electrical bar if you suspect that you are overloading an outlet with decorations that will stay powered for long, periods of time during the day. Before you choose your Christmas tree lights you might also consider using lights that produce a low heat. The heat from the Christmas lights staying on all the time can speed up the drying of the tree. Keeping it properly watered will ensure that you are Keeping Your Christmas Tree Fresh. If you put lighted decorations on your Live Fraser Fir then you should make yourself a reminder—write it down if you have to— to ALWAYS remember to turn off the decorations before going to bed at night or anytime that you will be away from the home. Lastly, it would seem like common sense but you would be very surprised at how many people attempt to do this: NEVER, ever, under any circumstances use lighted candles on your tree.
When thinking of a spot to place your Live Fraser Fir Christmas Tree, make sure to pay close attention to any potential hazards that may lurk nearby. Place the tree far enough away from fireplaces, radiators, television sets, and other potential heat sources as these elements can speed the drying process within the tree and potentially create a fire. Keeping your tree properly watered is essential to keep it fresh and free from drying out too fast. If people will take a few moments to assess where they want to put the tree and what potential heating elements are nearby, then they will save themselves a great deal. Believe it or not, a Live Fraser Fir Christmas Tree does not pose any greater fire threat than a simple kitchen table, or sofa. A study carried out in 2004 by the Michigan Christmas Tree Association, with the help of the Farmington Hills Fire Department, appeared in the Spring 2005 edition of the Christmas Tree Journal. This research revealed a great deal to tree farmers and fire prevention officers.

Tree SafetyThe study took three identical living rooms that resemble what a traditional living room would be like around Christmas time: Christmas tree in place, near sofa, against wall, wrapped presents underneath, etc. They kept all the elements the same in the study ensuring that living room design, furniture type, and everything else was exactly the same. In the first living room, the tree placed in the setup was a Real Christmas Tree, properly cared for and kept fresh; in the second setup, the tree was a dried out, poorly maintained real tree; and lastly, in the third living room, they placed a fake tree. They lit all three examples to see which tree could be considered the safest with regard to fire. They did this because, for decades, the Christmas Tree industry across the nation has battled incorrect information and myths regarding Live Christmas Trees; much of this false information can be considered propaganda from the Artificial Tree manufacturers and chain marts. The results of the study were alarming.

Not only did the live, freshly maintained tree fare better in the fire than the other two, but the artificial tree, that many wrongly believe is inflammable, was singed completely, all over the tree. The dried out tree, of course, ignited immediately and burned thoroughly on one side; the side that was not exposed to the fire and heat remained un-charred, but the fake tree resembled a plastic, icky mess, much like a plastic bottle has been heated and melted down. Keep in mind that, while burning, the fake tree released tons of toxic chemicals into the air as well, which will remain in the home.

We recommend your following all of these Safety Guidelines regarding putting a Live Fraser Fir in your home. When you follow and keep in mind the safety guidelines, which are mostly common sense, you can ensure that your tree will never pose a fire threat. Learn more about how to Keep Your Christmas Trees Fresh in the maintenance information that we provided, find out what makes Fraser Fir Trees so special, and start planning which weekend you are going to visit our North Carolina Christmas Tree Farm to get your live tree!
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